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2019-2020 Community Health Contract Grant Recipient Profiles

This page will be updated quarterly after grant report submissions.

BE WELL THERAPY, Be Well Yoga for Cancer Recovery

This program provides three yoga for cancer recovery classes, one in the Sage Yoga Studio in Bonsall, one in the Sage Yoga Studio in Fallbrook, and the third class(which is bilingual: English/Spanish) in the Fallbrook Regional Health District Wellness Center.

For more information about this program please e-mail 

Awarded: $23,714.00

Quarterly Reports:

338 Q1 Progress Report-Impact Narratives-Acknowledgement.pdf338 Q2 Progress-Impact-Acknowledgement.pdf338 Q3 Progress-Impact-Acknowledgement.pdf338 Q4 Progress-Impact-Acknowledgement.pdf


BOYS & GIRLS CLUB OF NORTH COUNTY, Summer Water Safety Program

This program is held during the 10 weeks of summer break. The first component provides swimming lessons to children 3 and up and the second component is a structured open swim, Mon-Fri in the afternoons-monitored by certified lifeguards.

Awarded: $9,240.00

Quarter 1 Report:

339 Progress-Impact-Acknowledgement.pdf339 Q4 Progress.pdf



Triple Play is a multi-faceted program designed ta help young people become healthy, active and leam new ways to handle stress, maintain a healthy body and form positive relationships. 

Awarded: $40,000.00

Quarterly Reports:

340 Q1 Progress-Impact-Acknowledgement.pdf340 Q2 Progress.pdf340 Q3 Progress-Impact-Acknowledgement.pdf340 Q4 Progress-Impact-Acknowledgement.pdf



This program expands its current Women Integrative Health Services (which includes: primary care, behavioral health services, health education, psychosocial interventions, and other necessary referrals) to include a Health District founded Woman of Wellness program but in Spanish to further meet the needs of our community. 

Awarded: $120,000.00

Quarterly Reports:

341 Q1 Progress-Impact.pdf341 Q2 Progress-Acknowledgement.pdf341 Q3 Progress-Impact-Acknowledgement.pdf341 Q4 Progress.pdf


D'Vine Path, Life I Can Program

This program is a dynamic and safe community that provides vocational and life skills to people with autism and other disabilities in agriculture, hospitality, and the arts.

Awarded: $7,640.00

Quarterly Reports:

342 Q1 Progress-Impact-Acknowledgement.pdf342 Q Progress-Impact-Acknowledgement.pdf342 Q3 Progress-Impact-Acknowledgement.pdf342 Q4 Progress-Impact-Acknowledgement.pdf


North County Lions Club, Lions Gift of Sight Event

This event provided free vision screenings, free glasses, and consultations, 180 individuals. Glaucoma testing was provided for individuals 40 years of age and older.

Awarded: $5,000.00

Event Report:

343 Event Report-Impact-Acknowledgement.pdf



The G.A.N.A.S. Mentoring Program focuses on engaging adolescents in physical activity and teaching them about healthy food choices, helping youth to make good health practices a habit in their lives and, in the long term, preventing diseases such as childhood and adult obesity, diabetes, heart attacks, and other common health conditions. GANAS mentors facilitate activities that model positive behavior. 

Awarded: $11,300.00

Quarterly Reports:

344 Q1 Progress-Acknowledgement.pdf344 Q2 Progress-Acknowledgement.pdf344 Q3 Progress-Impact-Acknowledgement.pdf344 Q4 Progress.pdf


FALLBROOK FOOD PANTRY, Alleviating Hunger in the Greater Fallbrook Area

This grant supports the Market Style Daily Distribution program where individuals and families can access food based on their needs.

Awarded: $130,000.00

Quarterly Reports:

345 Q1 Progress-Impact-Acknowledgement.pdf345 Q2 Progress-Impact-Acknowledgement.pdf345 Q3 Progress-Impact-Acknowledgement.pdf345 Q4 Progress-Impact Narrative.pdf



The Door-Through-Door, (hospital to home, without going back again) program provides a bridge of care for our seniors and disabled adults who experience hospitalization or stay at a skilled nursing facility and then are discharged home to recover. 


Quarterly Reports:

346 Q1 Progress-Impact-Acknowledgement.pdf346 Q2 Progress-Impact-Acknowledgement.pdf346 Q3 Progress-Impact-Acknowledgement.pdf346 Q4 Progress-Impact Narrative-Acknowledgement.pdf


FOUNDATION FOR SENIOR CARE, Respite Care- Adult Day Care Program

The Fallbrook Adult Day Care Center, “The Club” provides resources for seniors and the disabled to have an enriched life, provide socialization and allow for respite support for those caregivers who work so hard caring for their family members.


Quarterly Reports:

347 Q1 Progress-Impact-Acknowledgement.pdf347 Q2 Progress-Impact-Acknowledgement.pdf347 Q3 Progress-Impact-Acknowledgement.pdf347 Q4 Progress-Impact- Acknowledgement.pdf


FOUNDATION FOR SENIOR CARE, Senior Transportation Program

Senior Transportation Services (Care Van & Expanded Rides) helps riders stay active, independent, and in control of their life. Having readily accessible, inexpensive, reliable transportation allows clients to determine when to schedule their medical appointments and other basic needs with minimal cost and little delay. Additionally, this service allows seniors the ability to access social interaction among their community members at social groups (Fallbrook Women’s Club), entertainments and recreational programming (Fallbrook Senior Center), and other supportive services above and beyond basic transportation for medical and healthcare appointments. This includes the invaluable ability to gain cross-county medical resources in the Temecula Valley.


Quarterly Reports:

348 Q1 Progress-Impact-Acknowledgement.pdf348 Q2 Progress-Impact-Acknowledgement.pdf348 Q3 Progress-Impact-Acknowledgement.pdf348 Q4 Progress-Impact-Acknowledgement.pdf


FOUNDATION FOR SENIOR CARE, Senior Care Advocacy Program

The Senior Care Advocacy program provides resources for seniors and the disabled to safely age at home. With support from the referrals and resources coordinated by the Care Advocates they ensure that clients have safe housing, are secure in their living arrangements (providing information, conducting in-home safety checks focusing on fall and injury prevention), and gain access to health care and social support systems, while encouraging or enlisting caregivers who can assist them in managing their chronic health needs. 

Awarded: $88,739.46

Quarterly Reports

349 Q1 Progress-Impact-Acknowledgement.pdf349 Q2 Progress-Impact-Acknowledgement.pdf349 Q3 Progress-Impact-Acknowledgement.pdf349 Q4 Progress-Acknowledgement.pdf



Home-Delivered Meals Program provides daily meals to local Home-Bound Seniors.

Awarded: $125,000.00

Quarterly Reports:

350 Q1 Progress-Impact-Acknowledgement.pdf350 Q2 Progress-Impact-Acknowledgement.pdf350 Q3 Progress-Impact-Acknowledgement.pdf350 Q4 Progress-Impact-Acknowledgement.pdf



Celebrate Health provides dental and medical health screenings and education and increases access to care by addressing barriers and conducting health promotion activities with an overall goal of reversing the negative trends of immediate healthcare issues.  

Awarded: $90,180.00

Quarterly Reports:

351 Q1 Progress-Impact-Acknowledgement.pdf351 Q2 Progress-Impact-Acknowledgement.pdf351 Q3 Progress-Impact.pdf351 Q4 Progress.pdf


MENTAL HEALTH SYSTEMS, INC.North Inland Crime Prevention Youth Advocacy Coalition

This program provides youth leadership development, training, advocacy, and service to reduce alcohol and other drug use, in collaboration with community organizations, youth programs, school universities, law enforcement agencies, Native American tribes and coalitions in San Diego County's North Inland region. The program promotes healthy living and leads prevention strategies to reduce underage and illegal use of alcohol and other drugs.

Awarded: $10,137.00

Quarterly Reports:

352 Q1 Progress-Impact.pdf352 Q2 Progress-Impact.pdf352 Q3 Progress-Impact.pdf352 Q4 Progress-Impact-Acknowledgement.pdf


MICHELLE'S PLACE, Cancer Assistance Program

This program provides information on cancer resources, support services, and early detection. 

Awarded: $32,162.00

Quarterly Reports:

353 Q1 Progress-Impact.pdf353 Q2 Progress-Acknowledgement.pdf353 Q3 Progress-Impact-Acknowledgement.pdf353 Q4 Progress.pdf


NEIGHBORHOOD HEALTHCARE, Diabetes Footcare Education Project

This program provides community-based education on diabetes and foot care. 

Awarded: $15,000.00

Quarterly Reports

354 Q1 Progress.pdf354 Progress-Impact-Acknowledgement.pdf354 Q3 Progress-Impact-Acknowledgement.pdf354 Q4 Progress-Impact-Acknowledgement.pdf


NORTH COUNTY CERT, 2019 CPR/AED Upgrades & Instructor Training

CERT Training and CPR/AED training for the general public emphasizing first aid, stopping bleeding, setting splints and sprains, stabilizing victims, separating into injury categories (triage), minor fire suppression, cribbing (lifting heavy objects off of victims), proper CPR and AED usage in case of emergencies, whether in the case of a disaster, or for individuals in their homes, neighborhoods, or workplaces until first responders arrive. 

Awarded: $5,220.00 

Quarterly Reports

355 Q1 Progress-Impact-Acknowledgement.pdf355 Q2 Progress-Impact-Acknowledgement.pdf355 Q3 Progress-Impact-Acknowledgement.pdf355 Q4 Progress-Acknowledgement.pdf



This program supports and strengthens children and family members by inspiring them to take an active role in managing their physical and behavioral. Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds serves youth and families year-round to maintain connections of support during the summer months while school is closed.

Awarded: $67,423.00

Quarterly Reports

356 Q1 Progress-Impact-Acknowledgement.pdf356 Q2 Progress-Impack-Acknowledgement.pdf356 Q3 Progress-Impact.pdf356 Q4 Progress-Impact.pdf


R.E.I.N.S., Physical, Occupational, Speech, and Behavioral Therapy Program

This program supports the physical, mental and emotional health of disabled children and adults through therapeutic equine-assisted activities. 

Awarded: $60,000.00

Quarterly Reports

357 Q1 Progress-Impact-Acknowledgement.pdf357 Q2 Progress-Impact-Acknowledgement.pdf357 Q3 Progress-Impact-Acknowledgement.pdf357 Q4 Progress-Impact-Acknowledgement.pdf


R.E.I.N.S., District Resident Healthy Volunteer Program

This program helps to educate volunteers on the importance and benefits of physical exercise while benefiting the community. With this grant, the Healthy Volunteer Program continues to provide safety training, first-aid and offer protective clothing as milestone incentives as the volunteers earn more hours toward better health and community service. This program improves social skills, promotes exercise and allows our community to be enriched with a valued and respected service program offered locally. 

Awarded: $38,865.00

Quarterly Reports:

358 Q1 Progress-Impact-Acknowledgement.pdf358 Q2 Progress-Impact-Acknowledgement.pdf358 Q3 Progress-Impact-Acknowledgement.pdf358 Q4 Progress-Impact-Acknowledgement.pdf



This grant was awarded to increase T.I.P volunteers in the Fallbrook Region. Trauma Intervention Programs (TIP) volunteers provide emotional and practical support to citizens in crisis immediately following a traumatic event. Specially trained citizen volunteers provide care and support to individuals who have been traumatized by a personal tragedy and/or are in a state of crisis. 

Awarded: $10,000.00

Please e-mail Mireya Banuelos at to request any T.I.P. grant quarterly reports.