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Community Health Contract Grants

Community Health Contract Grants graphic

The District provides grant funding through the Community Health Contract (CHC) grants program. Community Health Contract grant funds must benefit the residents of the communities served by the Fallbrook Regional Health District.  The District’s service area and sphere of influence area covers 110.57 square miles.  This includes Bonsall, De Luz, Fallbrook, and Rainbow (our Sphere of Influence Map can be found here.) The District grants funding to organizations that serve the health and well-being needs of the community. 

Please review our Community Health Contracts/Grant Policy & Procedures for more information regarding purpose, requirements, guidelines, and submission deadlines.

The Fallbrook Regional Health Districts logo usage and guidelines & social media tags can be found here

The Board of Directors awarded the following applications at their April 8th Special Meeting. The awards will be distributed starting in July 2023. 

FY 23.24 Scoring_Worksheet_FINAL.pdf

PAYMENTS - FY2023.2024

The contract funds will be distributed the week of the following dates:

Quarter 1 - 1st Wednesday of July – may vary depending on the July 4th holiday

Quarter 2 - 11/01/2023

Quarter 3 - 02/07/2024

Quarter 4 (final) - 05/01/2024

Agencies should refer to their contract for award amounts and the number of payments. 


Reports must be submitted by the following due dates:

1st Quarter, 2nd Wednesday of October (10/11/2023) Submit Report Here

2nd Quarter, 2nd Wednesday of January (1/10/2024)

3rd Quarter, 2nd Wednesday of April (4/10/2024)

4th Quarter, 2nd Wednesday of July (7/10/2024) 



Fiscal Year 2022.2023 submitted applications and quarterly impact reports can be reviewed from the menu below.

FY22.23 CHC Grant Applications & Reports 

Boys & Girls Club of North County

Boys and Girls Club of North County_Summer Water Safety__Application22.23.pdfBGC_Summer Water Safety_Q1 Report.pdfBoys and Girls Club of North County_Triple Play_Application22.23.pdfBGC_Triple Play_Q1 Report.pdfBGC_Triple Play_Q2_Report.pdfBGC_Triple Play_Q3_Report.pdfBGC_Triple Play_Q4_Report.pdf

D'Vine Path

DVine Path_ Application_FY22.23.pdfDVine Path_Life I Can Healthy Lifestyle_Q1 Report.pdfDVine Path_Life I Can Healthy Lifestyle_Q2_Report.pdfDVine Path_Life I Can Healthy Lifestyle_Q3_Report.pdfDVine Path_Life I Can Healthy Lifestyle_Q4_Report.pdf

Fallbrook Food Pantry

FFP_ALLEVIATING HUNGER_ Application_FY22.23.pdfFFP_Alleviating Hunger_Q1_Report.pdfFFP_Alleviating Hunger_Q2_Report.pdfFFP_Alleviating Hunger_Q3_Report.pdfFFP_Nutrition and Occupational Education_ Application_FY22.23.pdfFFP_Learning Center Nutrition_Q1_Report.pdfFFP_Learning Center Nutrition_Q2_Report.pdfFFP_Learning Center Nutrition_Q3_Report.pdfFallbrook Food Pantry_Seniors Disbaled Adults Nutrition_Application.pdfFFP_Seniors_Disabled Adults Nutrition_Q1_Report.pdfFFP_Seniors_Disabled Adults Nutrition_Q2_Report.pdfFFP_Seniors_Disabled Adults Nutrition_Q3_Report.pdfFFP_Seniors_Disabled Adults Nutrition_Q4_Report.pdf

Fallbrook Senior Center

Fallbrook Senior Citizens Service Club_Congregate Meal_Application_FY22.23.pdfFSCSC_Congregate Meal Program_Q1 Report.pdfFSCSC_Congregate Meal Program_Q2_Report.pdfFSCSC_Congregate Meal Program_Q3_Report.pdfFSCSC_Congregate Meal Program_Q4_Report.pdf

Foundation for Senior Care: The Foundation for Senior Care was awarded a sum total to support all the programs combined. Thus, the reports will collate all services togther.  

Foundation for Senior Care_Door Through Door_Application_FY22.23.pdfFoundation for Senior Care_Senior Care Advocacy_Application_FY22.23.pdfFoundation for Senior Care_Senior Transportation Services_Application_FY22.23.pdfFoundation for Senior Care_Adult Day Care_The Club_Application_FY22.23.pdfFSC_Senior Care Services Program_Q1 Report.pdfFSC_Senior Care Services Program_Q2Report.pdfFSC_Senior Care Services Program_Q3_Report.pdf

Hospice of the Valleys

Hospice of the Valleys_Application_FY22.23.pdfHoV_Fallbrook Community Support_Q1 Report.pdfHoV_Fallbrook Community Support_Q2_Report.pdfHoV_Fallbrook Community Support_Q3_Report.pdfHoV_Fallbrook Community Support_Q4_Report.pdf

Michelle's Place: Cancer Resource Center

Michelles Place_Cancer Assistance Program_Application_FY22.23.pdfMP_Cancer Assistance Program_Q1 Report.pdfMP_Cancer Assistance Program_Q2_Report.pdfMP_Cancer Assistance Program_Q3_Report.pdfMP_Cancer Assistance Program_Q4_Report.pdf

Palomar Family Counseling Services

Palomar Family Counseling Services_Grandparents Raising Grandchildren_Application_FY22.23.pdfPFCS_Grandparents Raising Grandchildren_Q1 Report.pdfPFCS_Grandparents Raising Grandchildren_Q2_Report.pdfPFCS_Grandparents Raising Grandchildren_Q3_Report.pdfPFCS_Grandparents Raising Grandchildren_Q4_Report.pdfPalomar Family Counseling Services_Healthy Bodies Healthy Minds_Application_FY22.23.pdfPFCS_Healthy Bodies_Healthy Minds_Q1 Report.pdfPFCS_Healthy Bodies_Healthy Minds_Q2_Report.pdfPFCS_Healthy Bodies_Healthy Minds_Q3_Report.pdfPFCS_Healthy Bodies_Healthy Minds_Q4_Report.pdf

These applications were not approved for funding:

Champions For Health_Project Access_Application_FY22.23.pdfCHSI_FFHC_Women’s Health & Wellness_Application_FY22.23.pdfFLC_Preserve and Trail Walkability_ Application_FY22.23.pdfFFLC_Save Our Forest Environmental Education_ Application_FY22.23.pdfFSCSC_Home Delivered Meal Program_Application_FY22.23.pdfNeighborhood Healthcare_Remote Care Initiative_Application_FY22.23.pdfREINS_Equine Assisted Learning Program_Application_FY22.23.pdfREINS_Therapeutic Riding Program_Application_FY22.23.pdf

For more information about our grant funding, please call the Health District office at 760.731.9187