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Community Health Contract Grants

The District provides grant funding through the Community Health Contracts (CHC) program. Community Health Contract funds must benefit the residents of the communities served by the Fallbrook Regional Health District.  The District’s service area and sphere of influence area covers 110.57 square miles.  This includes Bonsall, De Luz, Fallbrook, and Rainbow. The estimated population of the District is 57,000 (SANDAG, January 2011). The San Diego Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO) Sphere of Influence Map can be found here

The District grants funding to organizations that not only meet the needs of underserved individuals and communities but are also consistent with the District’s mission to assist residents to lead healthy lives, supporting a greater life span and independence.

Please review our Community Health Contracts/Grant Policy & Procedures for more information. 

2021-2022 Grant Cycle - Application window has closed

Program Schedule, Proposal Evaluation Criteria, and Guidelines

21.22 Program Schedule Guidelines Criteria FINAL.pdf

Check back for updates. 

2020-2021 Grant Cycle

Logo Usage

Logo Usage Guidelines.pdf

Reports & Payments

2020-2021 FRHD Grant Report & Payment Dates.pdf

Reporting guidelines will be emailed to recipients. Reports must be submitted by the due dates below. Any anticipated delay in reporting should be reported to the Community Health Coordinator, Mireya Banuelos. Failure to submit or late submission of required reports, in a timely and complete manner, may result in the delay of payment and/or may impact future consideration for funding. 

1st Quarter:  10/14/2020                     2nd Quarter:    1/13/2021

3rd Quarter:  4/14/2021                       4th Quarter:     7/14/2021


The contract funds will be payable in payments the week of the following dates:

1st Quarter: 07/06/2020                      2nd Quarter: 11/02/2020

3rd Quarter: 02/01/2021                      4th Quarter: 05/03/2021

Please refer to your contract for award amounts and the number of payments.


Grant Recipients

Be Well Therapy, Inc., Be Well Yoga for Cancer Recovery—Awarded $20,444.00

This program provides three yoga for cancer recovery classes, one in the Sage Yoga Studio in Bonsall, one in the Sage Yoga Studio in Fallbrook, and the third class(which is bilingual: English/Spanish) in the Fallbrook Regional Health District Wellness Center.

For more information about this program please e-mail 

Be Well Yoga for Cancer Recovery Program Grant Application.pdf

Impact Reports:

360 Q1 Progress-Impact-Acknowledgement.pdf360 Q2 Impact-Success Story-Acknowledgement.pdf360 Q3 Impact-Success-Acknowledgement.pdf


Boys & Girls Club of North County, Summer Water Safety—Awarded $15,000.00

This program is held during the 10 weeks of summer break. The first component provides swimming lessons to children 3 and up and the second component is a structured open swim, Mon-Fri in the afternoons-monitored by certified lifeguards.

For more information about this program please call (760) 728-5871

Summer Water Safety Program Grant Application.pdf

Impact Report:

360 Q1 Progress-Impact-Acknowledgement.pdf


 Boys & Girls Club of North County, Triple Play—Awarded $45,000.00

Triple Play is a multi-faceted program designed ta help young people become healthy, active, and learn new ways to handle stress, maintain a healthy body, and form positive relationships. 

For more information about this program please call (760) 728-5871

Triple Play Program Grant Application.pdf

Impact Reports:

362 Q1 Progress-Impact-Acknowledgement.pdf362 Q2 Impact-Success Story-Acknowledgement.pdf362 Q3 Impact-Success-Acknowledgement.pdf


Champions for Health, Community Wellness-Immunizations—Awarded $6,984.00

The efforts of this program will identify low-access and low immunization areas to coordinate flu vaccine clinics to protect our residents from the flu and provide health education related to influenza. These efforts are part of our ongoing programs that provide preventative and specialty medical care to underinsured and uninsured populations in the San Diego region. 

For more information about this program please e-mail or call (858) 300-2787

Community Wellness-Immunizations Program Grant Application.pdf

Impact Reports:

363 Q1 Progress-Impact-Acknowledgement.pdf363 Q2 Impact-Success Story-Acknowledegement.pdf363 Q3 Impact-Success-Acknowledgement.pdf


Champions for Health, Project Access San Diego—Awarded $16,500.00

Project Access San Diego is the Champions for Health’s flagship program, providing access to specialty care to restore health to low-income, uninsured individuals in need of specialty medical care. The network of physicians, hospitals, surgery centers, and healthcare service partners provide a full-range of healthcare services at no cost to qualifying San Diego County residents, and as part of the Health District grant, for local qualifying Fallbrook/Bonsall residents.

For more information about this program please e-mail or call (858) 300-2785

Project Access San Diego Program Grant Application.pdf

Impact Reports:

364 Q1 Project Access San Diego Acknowledgement.pdf364 Q2 Impact-Success Story-Acknowledgement.pdfQ3 364 Impact-Success-Acknowledgement.pdf


D'Vine Path, Life I Can Program—Awarded $17,520.00

This program is a dynamic and safe community that provides vocational and life skills to people with autism and other disabilities in agriculture, hospitality, and the arts.

For more information about this program please e-mail

Life I Can Program Grant Application.pdf

 Impact Reports:

365 Q1 Progress-Impact-Acknowledgement.pdf365 Q2 Impact-Success Story-Acknowledgement.pdf365 Q3 Impact-Success-Aknowledgement.pdf


Fallbrook Food Pantry, Alleviating Hunger in the Greater Fallbrook Area—Awarded $120,000.00

This grant supports the Market Style Daily Distribution program where individuals and families can access food based on their needs.

 For more information call (760) 728-7608

Alleviating Hunger in the Greater Fallbrook Area Program Grant Application.pdf

 Impact Reports:

366 Q1 Progress-Impact-Acknowledgement.pdf366 Q2 Impact-Success Story-Acknowledgement.pdf366 Q3 Impact-Success-Acknowledgement.pdf


Fallbrook Food Pantry, Educational Nutrition Program—Awarded $35,300.00

This grant will support the Fallbrook Food Pantry's Learning Center where they will offer community-based cooking classes that will provide residents with tools and knowledge that will empower them to make positive improvements in their lifestyle and in turn preventing/reversing health risks. 

 For more information call (760) 728-7608

Educational Nutrition Program Grant Application.pdf

Impact Reports:

367 Q1 Progress-Impact-Acknowledgement.pdf367 Q2 Impact-Success Story-Acknowledgement.pdf367 Q3 Impact-Acknowledgement.pdf


Fallbrook Land Conservancy, Preserve and Trail Walkability Enhancement—Awarded $11,035.00

This grant will support the Fallbrook Land Conservancy's efforts to maintain the preserves and trails as well as to conduct outreach activities in the community to promote the open spaces and trails available to them and collect trail count data. 

For more information e-mail or call (760) 728-0889

Preserve and Trail Walkability Enhancement Grant Application.pdf

Impact Reports:

368 Q1 Progress-Impact-Acknowledgement.pdf368 Q2 Impact-Success Story-Acknowledgement.pdf368 Q3 Impact-Success-Acknowledgement.pdf


Fallbrook Land Conservancy, Vibrant Volunteer Program—Awarded $13,859.00

The Fallbrook Land Conservancy will conduct community outreach to promote the concept of volunteerism as an integral part of a healthy lifestyle and will recruit and train volunteers to participate in nature-based volunteer opportunities.

For more information e-mail or call (760) 728-0889

Vibrant Volunteer Program Grant Application.pdf

Impact Reports:

369 Q1 Progress-Impact-Acknowledgement.pdf369 Q2 Impact-Success Story-Acknowledgement.pdf


Fallbrook Senior CenterCongregate Meals—Awarded $50,971.00

The Congregate Meals program offers a hot nutritious meal five days a week at no cost to seniors (60+).

For more information call (760) 728-4498

Congregate Meals Program Grant Application.pdf

Impact Reports:

370 Q1 Progress-Impact-Acknowledgement.pdf370 Q2 Impact-Success Story-Acknowledgement.pdf370 Q3 Impact-Success-Acknowledgement.pdf


Fallbrook Senior Center, Home Delivered Meals—Awarded $124,284.46

Home-Delivered Meals Program provides daily meals to local Home-Bound Seniors.

For more information call (760) 728-4498

Home Delivered Meals Program Grant Application.pdf

Impact Reports:

371 Q1 Progress-Impact-Acknowledgement.pdf371 Q2 Impact-Success Story-Acknowledgement.pdf371 Q3 Impact-Success-Acknowledgement.pdf


Fallbrook Smiles Project, Celebrate Health—Awarded $46,740.00

Celebrate Health provides dental and medical health screenings and education and increases access to care by addressing barriers and conducting health promotion activities with an overall goal of reversing the negative trends of immediate healthcare issues.  

For more information e-mail 

Celebrate Health Grant Application.pdf

 Impact Reports:

372 Q1 Progress-Acknowledgement.pdf372 Q2 Impact-Acknowledgement.pdf372 Q3 Impact-Acknowledgement.pdf


Fallbrook Union High School District, Wellness Center—Awarded $25,000.00

The Wellness Center is available for all District students who need a calm, safe place, mental/behavioral health support, or have a social service need.  Social service information and linkages are available as well. The Wellness Center partners with local universities as a placement site for student internships in mental health/school social work, health promotion, and service-learning opportunities.

For more information call 760-723-6300 X3116

Wellness Center Grant Application.pdf

Impact Reports:

373 Q1 Impact Report.docx


Foundation for Senior Care, Adult Day Care—Awarded $53,827.99

The Fallbrook Adult Day Care Center, “The Club” provides resources for seniors and the disabled to have an enriched life, provide socialization and allow for respite support for those caregivers who work so hard caring for their family members.

For more information call (760) 723-7570

Adult Day Care Grant Application.pdf

 Impact Reports:

374 Q1 Progress-Impact-Acknowledgement.pdf374 Q2 Impact-Success Story-Aknowledgement.pdf374 Q3 Impact-Success-Acknowledgement.pdf


Foundation for Senior Care, Door-Through-Door—Awarded $70,508.33

The Door-Through-Door, (hospital to home, without going back again) program provides a bridge of care for our seniors and disabled adults who experience hospitalization or stay at a skilled nursing facility and then are discharged home to recover. 

 For more information call (760) 723-7570

Door Through Door Grant Application.pdf

Impact Reports:

375 Q1 Progress-Impact-Acknowledgement.pdf375 Q2 Impact-Success Story-Aknowledgement.pdf375 Q3 Impact-Success-Acknowledgement.pdf


Foundation for Senior Care, Senior Care Advocacy—Awarded $98,650.53

The Senior Care Advocacy program provides resources for seniors and the disabled to safely age at home. With support from the referrals and resources coordinated by the Care Advocates they ensure that clients have safe housing, are secure in their living arrangements (providing information, conducting in-home safety checks focusing on fall and injury prevention), and gain access to health care and social support systems, while encouraging or enlisting caregivers who can assist them in managing their chronic health needs. 

 For more information call (760) 723-7570

Senior Care Advocacy Grant Application.pdf

Impact Reports:

376 Q1 Progress-Impact-Acknowledgement.pdf376 Q2 Impact-Sucess Story-Acknowledgement.pdf376 Q3 Impact-Success-Acknowledgement.pdf


Foundation for Senior Care, Senior Transportation Services—Awarded $101,280.62

Senior Transportation Services (Care Van & Expanded Rides) helps riders stay active, independent, and in control of their life. Having readily accessible, inexpensive, reliable transportation allows clients to determine when to schedule their medical appointments and other basic needs with minimal cost and little delay. Additionally, this service allows seniors the ability to access social interaction among their community members at social groups (Fallbrook Women’s Club), entertainments and recreational programming (Fallbrook Senior Center), and other supportive services above and beyond basic transportation for medical and healthcare appointments. This includes the invaluable ability to gain cross-county medical resources in the Temecula Valley.

For more information call (760) 723-7570

Senior Transportation Services Grant Application.pdf

Impact Reports:

377 Q1 Progress-Impact-Acknowledgement.pdf377 Q2 Impact-Success Story-Acknowledgement.pdf377 Q3 Impact-Success-Acknowledgement.pdf


Foundation for Senior Care + Fallbrook Food Pantry, Seniors & Disabled Adults Nutrition Program—Awarded $52,167.07

This collaborative effort has been designed specifically to alleviate the growing food insecurities
concern with our fixed-low-income community members. For those seniors and/or disabled adults who are homebound, this service provides them with weekly food
(groceries) deliveries.

For more information call (760) 723-7570

Seniors & Disabled Adults Nutrition Program Grant Application.pdf

Impact Reports:

378 Q1 Progress-Impact-Acknowledgement.pdf378 Q2 Impact-Success Story-Aknowledgement.pdf378 Q3 Impact-Success-Acknowledgement.pdf


Hospice of the Valleys,  Fallbrook Community Support Group—Awarded $23,254.00

This support group will provide District residents bereavement and caregiver support groups (mental health services) for 13 months past the bereaved loved one's death. 

For more info call (951) 200-7800

Fallbrook Community Support Group.pdf

Impact Reports: 

379 Q1 Impact-Aknowledgement.pdf379 Q2 Impact-Success Story-Acknowledgement.pdf379 Q3 Impact-Acknowledgement.pdf


Michelle's Place Cancer Resource Center, Cancer Support Services—Awarded $40,350.00

This program provides information on cancer resources, support services, and early detection. 

For more information call  (951)-699-5455

Cancer Support Services Grant Application.pdf

Impact Reports:

Q1 380 Impact Report.pdfQ2 380 Impact-Sucess Story-Acknowledgement.pdfQ3 380 Impact-Success-Acknowledgement.pdf


Neighborhood Healthcare, Senior Diabetic Podiatry Education—Awarded $15,000.00

This grant will enhance the Fallbrook community outreach program of diabetic foot care education. Community Outreach Workers will work alongside the Podiatry doctor by providing educational materials, performing outreach, and organizing screening events.

For more information call (760) 520-8335  

Neighborhood Healthcare.pdf

Impact Reports: 

381 Q1 Impact-Success Story-Acknowledgement.pdf381 Q2 Impact-Success Story-Aknowledgement.pdf


Palomar Family Counseling Services, Inc., Grandparents Raising Grandchildren—Awarded $37,251.80

This program aims to provide direct support and assistance needed so grandparents can rise to the challenge for their own and their grandchildren's wellbeing. The program consists of three primary functions: outreach, support, and case management, and all three areas are points of entry into the program.

For more information call 760-741-2660 ext. 515

Palomar Family Counseling Services_Grandparents Raising Grandchildren.pdf382 Q1 Impact-Acknowledgement.pdf382 Q2 Impact-Success Story-Acknowledgement.pdf382 Q3 Impact-Success-Acknowledgement.pdf


Palomar Family Counseling Services, Inc., Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds—Awarded $66,580.80

Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds will help meet the needs of area youth and families through the continued provision of community-based services. The most common access point for youth comes from local school referrals, as school personnel easily identify unmet emotional, social, and behavioral needs that are interfering with academic functioning. Similar services will be delivered to students after school at the Fallbrook Boys & Girls

For more information call (760)741-2660 ext. 515

Palomar Family Counseling Services_Healthy Bodies Health Minds.pdf383 Q1 Impact-Success Story-Acknowledgement.pdf383 Q2 Impact-Success Story-Aknowledgement.pdf


 REINS, Healthy Volunteer Program—Awarded $37,500.00

The Healthy Volunteer program improves social skills, promotes exercise, and allows the community to be enriched with a valued and respected service program offered locally. The goal is to ensure that volunteers are offered a physically beneficial option for volunteering within the District. This program will also help to educate volunteers on the importance and benefits of physical exercise while benefiting the community.

For more information call (760) 731-9168

REINS Healthy Volunteer Program.pdf384 Q1 Impact-Success Story-Acknowledgement.pdf384 Q2 Impact-Success-Acknowledgement.pdf384 Q3 Impact-Success-Acknowledgement.pdf


REINS, P/T, O/T, Speech and Behavioral Therapy—Awarded $79,500.00

REINS provides therapy on horseback to children and adults with disabilities. Therapeutic Horsemanship is a unique form of therapy and it can only be duplicated by another therapeutic riding facility. REINS is the only Therapeutic Riding Facility in Fallbrook and the largest in San Diego County.

For more information call (760) 731-9168

REINS P_T O_T Speech and Behavioral Therapy.pdf385 Q1 Impact-Acknowledgement.pdf385 Q2 Impact-Success Story-Acknowledgement.pdf385 Q3 Impact-Success-Acknowledgement.pdf


SSNAAPE, Senior Companions Animal Outreach—Awarded $5,000.00

This program will offer no-charge, quality, in-home companion animal care for low-income seniors and the disabled. They can provide health and wellness services so that residents in our community can enjoy the benefits of a pet without endangering their own nutritional or healthcare needs.

For more information call (760)728-0249

SSNAAPE.pdf386 Q2 Impact-Success Story-Aknowledgement.pdf386 Q3 Impact-Success-Acknowledgement.pdf



For more information about our grant funding, please e-mail or call:

Mireya Bañuelos, MPH, CHES®, Community Health Coordinator | (760) 731-9187