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The District

Hills and landscape of Fallbrook, California.
Fallbrook, California.

Fallbrook Regional Health District (“District”) is a government entity under the Local Health Care District Law (Statutes 1945, Chapter 932; Health and Safety Code, Division 23, Sections 32000 et seq., of the State of California). The District serves residents of the Fallbrook, Bonsall, Rainbow and De Luz areas of northern San Diego County.

The Most-Responsive Form of Local Government

Created by residents for residents, Healthcare Districts throughout California provide vital services for the community members who create and oversee them. As the most responsive form of local government, Healthcare Districts are established, operated, and controlled by local voters who understand each community's concerns and ensure that each District is effectively meeting their local health care needs.

Definition of a Healthcare District

Healthcare Districts are public entities that provide community-based health care services to residents throughout the state. They respond to the needs in their District by providing a range of services, which may include a hospital, clinic, skilled nursing facility or emergency medical services; as well as education and wellness programs. Each of California's Healthcare Districts is governed by a locally elected Board of Trustees who are directly accountable to the communities they serve.