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2022 FRHD Redistricting Maps and Interactive Review Map

The District was presented with two potential maps at our final Public Hearing on Wednesday, March 9, 2022 at 6:00pm. The Community was invited to learn more and provide their input on the proposed maps that will redraw the boundaries of all of our Board Member Districts. After Community feedback and Board discussion, the Tan map was selected.  

Below is the slide deck presentation provided by NDC to the Board and Community at our March 9th Public Hearing.

NDC_FRHD 03092022.pdf

Below is the downloadable/printable pdf files of the existing zones map and the deviations accounted for with the new data, and the new Tan map demonstrating the population rebalancing.

Tan Map  - approved  at 2/14/2022 Public Hearing

You can use this interactive link to identify which zone your address falls: interactive view map (select the Tan rebuild option).

Fallbrook Regional Health District (FRHD) is a local special district. It is a single function, non-enterprise, independent government agency serving a defined geographic area.

  • Special District: Simply stated, Special Districts such as FRHD are local agencies which provide public service to local communities.  They are autonomous government entities accountable to the voters of the community that they serve.    State government oversees special districts in several ways. For example, special districts must submit annual financial reports to the State Controller.  Special districts must follow the state laws pertaining to public meetings, bonded debt, record keeping and elections.
  • Single Function: Healthcare. The District was originally formed in 1950, as a Hospital District to build and operate Fallbrook Hospital. In November of 1998, the District Board, with voters consent, signed a thirty year agreement with CHS (Community Health Systems) to operate and manage the Fallbrook Hospital.  At that time the District re-organized to become a Healthcare District operating under the Local Health Care District Law of the State of California.
  • Non-enterprise: FRHD is one of 3,400 special districts in the state of California.  About one quarter of the special districts in the state are enterprise districts.  Enterprise districts charge customers’  for their services.  Non-enterprise districts provide services which generally don’t lend themselves to fees.  Their services benefit the entire community, not just individual residents.  An example:  fire protection services and healthcare programs.  Non-enterprise districts rely overwhelmingly on property taxes to meet their operational expenses.   FRHD is a non-enterprise district.
  • Independent Government Agency: Fallbrook Regional Health District is an independent district which means that members of the board of directors have been elected by the districts own voters or have been appointed by the County Board of Supervisors.  The FRHD Board of Directors is comprised of five members.
  • Defined Geographic Area: The defined boundary of the Fallbrook Regional Health District is inclusive of Fallbrook, Bonsall, Rainbow and DeLuz.  The service area is approximately 110.5 square miles.  There are approximately 57,000 residents within this boundary.
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