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Why don't we have a 24 hr. Urgent Care?

The concise answer is that our population is too small to support a 24 hour Urgent care center.

The longer answer starts with how the Fallbrook Regional Health District began looking for ancillary and support health services to fill the care gap left by the closure of the hospital. In 2016, the District sent out several Request for Proposals (RFP) for Urgent Care services. While several local providers submitted proposals of how they could offer Urgent Care services with additional extended hours, none were able to accommodate being open 24 hours. After considerable deliberations and negotiations the Board of Directors selected the A+ Urgent Care (now doing business as Med+ Urgent Care). The District financially subsidized the Urgent Care through June 2020. In sum, the District provided over $700,000 in support of the Urgent Care's ability to offer extended hours. The arrangement to financially support the Urgent Care was dictated upon the presumption that all patients, insurances and services would be accessible. Utilization data from the subsidized time periods indicated that on average, fewer than 200 visits per month occurred during the extended hours (5-7pm and weekends). This utilization data and the available access to other day time providers could no longer support ongoing financial underwriting of the current Urgent Care service.

NOTE - Public funds are government expenditures focused on public goods and services programs. The California State Constitution prohibits governmental agencies from giving or spending public funds for private purposes. These “gifts” of public funds are prohibited to make sure that public agencies are accountable to society and do not misuse public money. However, public agencies may spend public funds for public purposes. Because the Med+ Urgent Care is a for profit entity, the District was only able to financially support the business for a specific duration.

The District is still researching options to bring more care services and clinics to the area. With the population growth along the 76 and 15 freeways, we are looking for partners who are interested in bringing their services to our growing community.

Currently, these Urgent Care Centers offer extended hours and weekend services in our area.

Temecula 24 Hour Urgent Care - 41715 Winchester Rd., Suite 101, Temecula, CA 92590   951.308.4451

8-2-8 Urgent Care - 4171 Oceanside Blvd #109, Oceanside, CA 92056    760.216.6253