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State/Local Agency Reporting

San Diego Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO) report and response to report. The Municipal Service Review (MSR) & Health Care District Sphere of Influence Review (SR) is reviewed every five years.

The Cortese-Knox-Hertzberg Local Government Reorganization Act of 2000 requires LAFCO to review municipal services. The requirement for service reviews is in response to the identified need for a more coordinated and efficient public service structure, which will support California’s anticipated growth. The service review provides LAFCO with a tool to comprehensively study existing and future public service conditions and to evaluate organizational options for accommodating growth, preventing urban sprawl, and ensuring that critical services are efficiently and cost-effectively provided.

Government Code Section 56430 requires LAFCO to conduct a municipal service review before, or in conjunction with an action to establish or update a sphere of influence. Written statements of determination must be prepared with respect to each of the following:

A. Growth and population projections for the affected area;

B. Present and planned capacity of public facilities and adequacy of public services, including infrastructure needs or deficiencies;

C. Financial ability of agencies to provide services;

D. Status of, and opportunities for, shared facilities;

E. Accountability for community service needs, including governmental structure and operational efficiencies;

F. Any other matter related to effective and efficient service delivery.

The municipal service review process does not require LAFCO to initiate changes of organization based on service review conclusions; it only requires that LAFCO make determinations regarding the provision of public services per the provisions of Government Code Section 56430. However, LAFCO, local agencies, and the public may subsequently use the determinations and related analysis to consider whether to pursue changes to service delivery, government organization, or spheres of influence.

05 04 2015 San Diego LAFCO Regular Meeting Minutes.pdf05 04 2015 LAFCO Report on FHD 5-Year Sphere of Influence and Service Review.pdf05 04 2015 LAFCO's Resolution Approving MSR