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Standards of Conduct

The Board of Directors is charged with representing the interests of all residents of the Fallbrook Regional Health District, and the primary mission of the Board is to exercise a leadership role in identifying and meeting the healthcare needs within the District. In order to accomplish this important goal, the following rules shall be adhered to by each individual board member:

1. Each Director shall at all times show, through demeanor and speech, respect for the dignity, style, values and opinions of his or her colleagues on the Board, as well as District Staff. Harassment of a Board member or Staff member by any other Board member shall not be tolerated;

2. Each Director shall be punctual at meetings, attentive to all speakers, and responsive to each speaker as appropriate;

3. Each Director shall freely give his or her opinion of items placed on the agenda for Board discussion and action, recognizing that debate is an important part of responsible policy formulation and action.

4. Once the Board has voted to take action, it is the responsibility of each Board member to support the action taken, and not to create barriers to the implementation of such action.  Reconsideration of prior actions of the Board shall not be permitted, absent a showing of extraordinary circumstances.  In the event of such extraordinary circumstances, revision, change or revocation of such prior action shall be permitted only by a majority vote of the full Board.

5. Each Director shall act as part of the full Board. Issues affecting the District and its constituents should be brought to the attention of the full Board, or, where applicable. the appropriate committee of the Board. Each Director shall recognize that the business of the District should not and cannot be undertaken through the conduct of unilaterally selected individual members.

6. Each Director shall properly prepare for all meetings of the Board, and shall take responsibility to read the Board agenda and Board packet provided to him or her in advance of each meeting.

7. Each Director is expected to attend all meetings of the Board, whether such meetings are regular, special or emergency in nature. Attendance at each meeting is defined as attendance for the entirety of the full meeting. Absences are expected to be rare and exceptional, and should be reported to the Board Chair in advance.  The Board may by resolution declare that a vacancy exists for any director who is absent from three consecutive regular meetings, or from three of any five consecutive meetings of the Board. Early departure from meetings is expected to be an extremely unusual event, and should only occur for good cause as agreed to by a majority of the Board.  Otherwise, it will be considered an absence.  The Board shall at all times adhere to Health and Safety Code Section 32100.2., governing Director attendance.

8. The Board shall have the power to enforce these conduct guidelines through a variety of mechanisms including, without limitation, the use of censure, revocation of committee membership, and the denial of authorization to attend educational conferences on behalf of the District. In all instances, use of such enforcement mechanisms to address improper Director conduct shall be by Board action.

FHD POLICY 3000 STANDARDS OF DIRECTOR CONDUCT – S.O.P. Administration  –  Revised 04/13/2005

Policy 3000
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