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North County Fire Protection District Emergency Medical Services

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The public's demand for emergency medical services has steadily increased over the years and represents approximately 75% of all calls for service (6,394 total calls in 2017).  Approximately 70% of all EMS calls result in an ambulance transport to the hospital or transport by a helicopter to a hospital providing specialized services.  Given this increased demand for services, in 2016 North County Fire entered into a Joint Powers Agreement (JPA) with the Fallbrook Regional Health District to develop collaborative partnerships to improve access to healthcare, reducing hospital readmissions, and address the impacts associated with the closure of Fallbrook Hospital in 2014.

  • 50% cost share for the replacement of one ambulance each fiscal year
  • 50% cost share for a full-time Emergency Medical Services Officer each fiscal year
  • 50% cost share for a full-time Customer Service/Social Media position

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