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Fiscal Year 2015-2016 Grant Recipients

GRANTS AWARDED: 22               





250 - PALOMAR FAMILY COUNSELING - Mental Health Services for Youth  $63,500

This program will provide screening triage group therapy, short term adjunctive therapy and long term counseling (6months) for Fallbrook children and youth ages 5 - 18 who have severe mental health disorders which require intensive therapeutic services and do not have access to services.


Providing nutritionally balanced food to members of our community whose income falls below the Federal poverty standard or who come to the Pantry for emergency assistance.  Last year, 2013, food was issued each week to 475 - 500 families.


Provides innovative delivery of eye care to low-income pre-school children who may needlessly be losing sight and/or struggling with vision problems in their early education experience.

253 - REINS - Horse Care and Development Program   $22,500

Provides therapy on horseback to children & adults with disabilities. The essential tool for REINS is the horse which aids the disabled rider to engage physically and mentally strengthening their core; specific muscular responses as well as speech and cognitive development.


To continue to provide trauma intervention/crisis intervention to citizens of the District 24/7 365 days per year at the request of first responders.

255 - FALLBROOK SMILES PROJECT - Health Education   $53,000

Provides body mass index and blood glucose screening services in the schools, CATCH (Children's access to community Health) meetings, diabetes and nutrition education to the community and health education services to the Fallbrook Citizens' Crime Prevention GANAS program. 

256 - FALLBROOK SMILES PROJECT - Dental   17,000

Provides restorative dental care, screening and education in the schools and dental education services to the Fallbrook Citizens' Crime Prevention GANAS 

257 - FALLBROOK FAMILY HEALTH CENTER - Uncompensated Care   $70,000

Provides a wide range of primary care, dental care and prevention services to the underserved population of the Fallbrook Healthcare District.

258 - FALLBROOK FAMILY HEALTH CENTER - Behavioral/Mental Health   $70,000

Provides behavioral health services for up to 500 visits for individuals requiring assistance with behavioral/mental health conditions that may require medication and/or counseling treatment.

259 - JEREMIAH'S RANCH - Support Group   $9,400

Support Group provides opportunity to share information, support and resources to family member care providers and other family members of children, encompassing all ages and all disabilities, in a monthly meeting. Providing and including childcare services with trained mentors, dinner, guest speakers and social respite time.

260 - NORTH COUNTY FIRE PROTECTION DISTRICT - Community Disaster Program   $10,000

The proposed program will provide a detailed disaster plan intelligence for use by many public and private sector entities that serve this community.  It will provide a significant augmentation to existing services by preemptively identifying cooperative partnerships, resources, and points of contact to be called upon, as well as specific strategic priorities and operational guidelines for local emergencies likely to be encountered.

261 - FOUNDATION FOR SENIOR CARE - Senior/Adult Day Care Program$12,000

Provides respite care for the low income caregivers of frail adults, adults with dementia and adults with traumatic brain injury in a secure recreational and social environment.

262 - FOUNDATION FOR SENIOR CARE - Care Van Transportation Program   $35,000

Provides free reliable transportation to medical and physical therapy appointments, grocery stores, food pantry, senior center, etc. both ambulatory and non -ambulatory clients.

263 - FOUNDATION FOR SENIOR CARE - Expanded Ride Program   $14,000

To provide free reliable door-to-door transportation to all out of town medical appointments for both ambulatory and non-ambulatory clients using volunteer drivers and their own vehicles.   Collaborates with the Care Van service.

264 - FOUNDATION FOR SENIOR CARE - Advocates Program   $43,000

This program assists and educates seniors and the disabled with resources for medical and non-medical issues, prevention and safety issues.

265 - HEALTHY ADVENTURES - Community Center Wellness Project   $9,000

Provides healthy cooking, nutrition education classes, and gardening during summer months and throughout the school year targeting La Paloma Elementary School.  Family Nights & Healthy Living Classes target parents of the youth.

266 - BOYS AND GIRLS CLUB - Triple Play   $26,000

A multi-faceted program designed to help young people become healthy, active and learn new ways to maintain personal health, handle stress and form positive relationships.

267 - BOYS AND GIRLS CLUB - Summer Water Safety Program   $8,500

Provides swimming lessons and water safety instruction to approximately 125 youth during the summer months.  Youth will learn to swim, learn the basics of water safety  and be able to stay healthy by participating in a lifetime sport.

268 - NICPP - Fallbrook Youth Advocacy Coalition (FYAC)   $8,500

FYAC monitors and reports on emerging trends, informs law enforcement and the community about preventive measures to reduce underage access to alcohol and other drugs. Provides information about health and other risks associated with alcohol or drug use and abuse.

269 - FALLBROOK SPORTS ASSOCIATION - 2 AEDs and Staff Training   $4,000

Active citizens in athletic pursuits - Two defibrillators needed for strategic placement and staff training on how to use.  This center serves 4500 persons per week from ages 4 - 94; male and female.  

270 - FALLBROOK SENIOR CENTER - Senior Nutrition   $50,000

Provides 60 to 70 seniors with home delivered meals daily. In addition to nutrition benefits, it provides emotional and mental health benefits as well as observer to circumstance that may initiate additional assistance,

271 - FALLBROOK UNION HIGH SCHOOL - Asperger's Support Center   $6,500

Supports social, emotional and academic needs of high school students who have Asperger's Syndrome or similar disabilities. - Provides stress management instruction and social skills counseling; improves attendance and academic achievement. Has a component helpful to parents of these special needs students.

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