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Dr. Graydon Skeoch: COVID-19

Recommendations: How to deal with COVID-19 situation

The Fallbrook Regional Health District reached out to Dr Graydon Skeoch for his recommendation about how local residents can deal with the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) situation. Like all others his advice begins with educating yourself about the virus with information from the CDC and local health authorities – all of which can be found on the Health District website at: “The best argument for this is accurate information, as well as this is a "moving target" with updates and possible changes to recommendations.  This will cover hand washing/sanitizing, avoidance of touching face (eyes/nose), covering mouth for sneeze/cough, etc...”, said Dr Skeoch.

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He went on to say that he “recommends that people call their "healthcare provider".  If their healthcare provider is unavailable and/or cannot see/help them and they are mildly/moderately ill they can go to local urgent care. If they are very ill they should call 911 or go to closest ER. No one will be tested for this or any other virus/illness unless they are ill.

Following reasonable levels of "social distancing" is a good idea.  Avoid non-essential travel and gatherings but don't stop living life because of unnecessary fear.  

Testing will and should be restricted to only individuals at risk for contracting the disease with symptoms.  The general public should know that there is no treatment for the illness other than supportive.  Influenza also has no real treatment.  Tamiflu is an anti-viral medication that only slightly decreases duration (1 day on average) and severity of symptoms (maybe 10-20% at the most).  

There is no current medication that treats/kills any viral illness well and nothing for COVID-19 at this point.  Vaccines are never even close to 100% effective and that's 12-18 months in the future.”

Again, Dr. Skeoch offered the following guidance for this and good health in general:

Avoidance of large groups/sick people and improving the immune system by:

·        8 hours of sleep/day

·        8 glasses of water/day

·        Vitamin D-3 5000 IU/day for adults and 3000 IU/day for kids under 12 years of age

·        Eat a whole food high fiber primarily plant-based diet

·        Avoid smoking/vaping

·        Avoid alcohol or at least no more than 2 drinks/day or 4-6 drinks/week

·        No recreational drugs

He also offered the following suggestions; “If you are over 35 years of age you should strongly consider taking DHEA which is a testosterone hormone precursor which is anti-aging/improves the immune system.  The reason most young people don't get really sick is their optimal hormone levels.  As we age DHEA and Testosterone decreases which increases the aging process and increases the risk of illness.  This requires physician guidance as hormonal levels should be checked prior and during use.  Most women need 10-25 mg/day and most men 15-50 mg/day depending on age and other variables. 

OTC (over the counter) "man-made" Vitamins are virtually worthless.  Taking a whole food anti-oxidant vitamin (dehydrated from fruits/vegetables) daily and/or drinking a green drink (blended whole super greens/vegetables/fruits) daily is great for general health/strong immune system.  Resveratrol and Green Tea extract have been shown to improve/boost immunity as well. 

Lifestyle with a strong immune system is way more important than medications.  When you add the fact that no medication exists for COVID-19 it's even more important.”


Dr. Skeoch and his staff at MedPlus Urgent Care are available if you are in need of health services and your regular healthcare provider is unavailable. The MedPlus Urgent Care is located at 617 E. Alvarado St. in Fallbrook. Their office is open Monday through Friday from 9am to 7pm, and on Weekends and Holidays from 9am to 2pm. Their phone number is 760.509.9509.

The Fallbrook Regional Health District is working with local health providers, North County Fire Protection District and others to ensure that resources and information are being made available to our community.