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District Budgets

Financial transparency refers to the practice of openly sharing financial information and data to stakeholders and the public in an accurate and timely manner. It is an essential aspect of governance and plays a crucial role in building trust, promoting accountability, and facilitating informed decision-making. By providing transparency in financial matters, the District demonstrates its commitment to ethical and responsible conduct while enabling the public to assess the financial performance and make well-informed decisions about investments and operations.

FY 24.25 FRHD Budget - Approved 05-08-2024FY 23.24 FRHD Budget - Approved 05-10-2023FY 22.23 FRHD Budget - Approved 06-08-2022FY 21.22 FRHD Budget - Approved 06-09-2021FY20.21 FRHD Budget - Approved 06-10-2020