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2016 Fiscal Calendar


January 2016

6th Finance Committee
7th Woman of Wellness (WOW)
13th Regular Board Meeting - 6 P.M.
TBD Board Workshop
26TH Community Collaborative Committee Meeting

February 2016

3rd Finance Committee
4th Woman of Wellness (WOW)
10th Regular Board Meeting - 6 p.m.
23rd Community Collaborative Committee Meeting
Announcement of Grant 2016-2017 Program

March 2016

2nd Finance Committee
3rd Woman of Wellness (WOW)
5th Community Collaborative Breakfast - Fallbrook Library, 8-11:30 A.M.
9th Regular Board Meeting
12th Health & Fitness Fair
22nd Community Collaborative Committee Meeting
29th Grant applications due to FHD Admin

April 2016
6th Finance Committee
7th Woman of Wellness (WOW)
Legislative Days
13th Regular Board Meeting
April 13 – May 15 Director review of Grant Applications
26th Community Collaborative Committee Meeting

May 2016
4th Finance Committee - Draft Budget 2016-2017
5th Woman of Wellness (WOW)
11th Regular Board Meeting
24th Community Collaborative Committee Meeting
ACHD Annual Conference – TBD – Location: TBD
April 13 - May 15 Directors  –  Grant application interviews & site visits

June 2016
1st  Finance Committee
2nd Woman of Wellness (WOW)
8th Regular Board Meeting
Ø  Fiscal Year 2016-2017 Draft Budget review
Ø  Final Determination of Grant Awards
28th Community Collaborative Committee Meeting