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2015 Fiscal Calendar

July 2015

1st Finance Committee
2nd Woman of Wellness (WOW)
8th Regular Board Meeting
> 2015-2016 Grant Awards
28th Community Collaborative Committee Meeting
Annual Audit: July 27th – 30th Fiscal Year 2014-2015

August 2015

5th Finance Committee
6th Woman of Wellness (WOW)
12th Regular Board Meeting
25th Community Collaborative Committee Meeting
26TH – 30TH FHD Admin office move to 138 So Brandon

September 2015

2nd Finance Committee
3rd Woman of Wellness (WOW)
9th Regular Board Meeting
19th PSA Screening
22nd Community Collaborative Committee Meeting
Kick-Off: Community Resource Directory 2015

October 2015

1st Woman of Wellness (WOW)
7th Finance Committee
10th Re-scheduled to Spring 2016 (03/12/16)
14th Regular Board Meeting
27th Community Collaborative Committee Meeting
31st FHD Staff Participate in Healthy Halloween event

November 2015

4th Finance Committee
5th Woman of Wellness (WOW)
11th Regular Board Meeting
> Auditor Report - Moved to December
24th Community Collaborative Committee Meeting
Kick Off November: Healthcare Hero Program 2016

December 2015

2nd Finance Committee
3rd Woman of Wellness (WOW) - No meeting.
5th Christmas Parade
9th Regular Board Meeting - Board Officers
22nd Community Collaborative Committee Meeting