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Public Records Request


The great majority of requests from members of the public (and print media) to inspect or to obtain copies of records or other public writings of a Health Care District are subject to the California Public Records Act (Government Code § 6253 et seq.).  In routine situations, the District has ten (10) days from the date of the receipt of the request to: (1) determine if the District has records subject to disclosure, and (2) notify the requesting member of the public (including print media) which records (if any) will be produced.   An inspection of public records can be requested or scheduled during any of the regular office hours of the District.


If copies of multiple records are requested, the District can require the advance payment of a fee to cover the direct costs of making the copies.  Generally, under the Public Records Act, the District and all public entities are expected to reasonably assist and cooperate with members of the public (including print media) in responding to requests for the inspection and copying of public records.  The reason the records are being requested is irrelevant to the District’s legal responsibility to produce – when requested – non-exempt and non-privileged public records.

Records Not Open for Inspection:

There are a number of important exceptions to the records subject to disclosure under the Public Records Act: attorney-client communications, certain closed session records of the Board, preliminary drafts of documents, personnel and medical records, current litigation materials, reports to state agencies, among others.   Questions regarding whether records may be appropriately privileged, confidential or otherwise not subject to disclosure should be discussed with District legal counsel. 

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