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Meeting Compensation Guidelines

The Local Healthcare District Law authorizes the payment to Board members of $105 per meeting, not to exceed six (6) meetings per month, provided that if the District compensates its Board member for more than five (5) meetings per month, the Board must annually adopt a written policy based on findings supported by substantial evidence why more than five (5) meetings are necessary for the effective operation of the District.  In accordance with Health & Safety Code section 32103, the Board finds that the following facts substantiates the increase from five (5) to six (6) compensable meetings and constitutes meetings and occasions in performance of official duties for which a Board member may receive payment.

1.    The Fallbrook Regional Health District (FRHD) has a service area of approximately 110 square miles is in Northern San Diego County and serves a population of almost 60,000 residents.  

2.    The Board of Directors is responsible for insuring that the unmet health care needs of the District residents are addressed, including providing approximately $1 million annually to support community healthcare programs and services.

3.    In addition to regularly monthly Board meetings, the Board holds Special Meetings to focus on more specific community needs and projects.  During fiscal year 2018/2019 the Board held over 30 Board meetings.

4.    Board members also serve on at least 2 standing committees ranging from the Finance, Strategic Planning, Government & Public Engagement, and Facilities Committee.

5.    In addition to Board and committee meetings, Board members, on behalf of the District, attend meetings, and educational conference workshops of organizations in which the District is a member including the Association of California Healthcare District and the California Special District Association.

6.    In addition to attendance at mandatory ethics and harassment training, Board members also conduct inspection meetings of District Grantee’s and attend meetings of non-political community groups that extend specific invitation to attend and which Board members actively participate in the programs and meetings.

Board member may receive payment for attendance at the following:

Attendance at Regular Board meetings, Special Board meetings, Standing Committee meetings and Board sanctioned meetings when attending as a representative of the FRHD and for trainings/educational activities which are required by law of members of a board of directors of a local agency in compliance with state mandated ethics training (Government Code 53232.1) and harassment training (Government Code 53237.1).

Sanctioned meetings also include:

•   Events sponsored by other local, county, or state government agencies at which FRHD is expected and/or invited to be represented and officially participate in, on behalf of FRHD;

•   Meetings and/or events of agencies of which FRHD is a member or subscribing participant and where FRHD is expected and/or invited to be represented.  For example:  Association of California Healthcare Districts (ADHD); California Special Districts Association (CSDA); San Diego Chapter of CSDA;

and include occasions that constitute the performance of official duties, such as:

•    FRHD sponsored special events such as Annual Health Fair, Community Collaborative Events (example:, Community Collaborative Breakfast, Women of Wellness monthly meetings and Grant Workshops);

•    Activities promotional of special events of FRHD such as information booths, parades, distribution of information and/or materials for events;

•   Conducting review and/or inspections of Executive Director coordinated site visits of grant program applicants and/or recipients.

Each representative attendance to be compensated at the rate of $105.00 per meeting, with limit of six (6) meetings a month, as provided in Health and Safety Code Section 32103.   Request for compensation for attendance at sanctioned meeting(s) must be presented on Request for Compensation (Form 2040B) in accord with SOP Administration Policy 2040.

Each member of the Board shall be allowed his or her actual necessary and reasonable traveling and incidental expenses in the performance of official business of the District. Travel expense (Form 2030A) or Request for Reimbursement (Form 2040A) forms must be completed and submitted to the Administrator for payment to be generated.

A Director, at his or her discretion, may decline acceptance of compensation for Regular Board meetings, Special Board meetings and/or Standing Committee meetings and may decline to present Request for Compensation (Form 2040B) for sanctioned meetings.

Any questions regarding interpretation of these guidelines should be addressed to the FRHD’s General Counsel.

Meeting Comp Policy 3010 appvd 10-08-2019.pdfResolution 429 appvd 10-08-2019.pdfOrdinance No. 2 appvd 10-08-2019.pdf