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Fun Fu  Self Defense

Fun Fu with Tim O'Leary

Fun Fu Class Flyer

Every Tuesday

6:00 PM -7:00 PM

Classes are FREE!

RSVP - Email Tim at

20% Fun • 20% Stretching • 20% Martial Arts Fundamentals 20% personal protection & situational awareness instruction 20% Eastern & Western philosophies 

Tim O'Leary is seeking students for a unique program that is being offered to the general public for the first time. He and other instructors will teach personal protection, rape prevention, and situational awareness. As the founder and primary instructor, Tim will be sharing the techniques, history, and philosophies of the martial arts that he picked up as a college student and young adult in Texas and further honed throughout his nearly 70 years. 

No gear or equipment is needed, no belts will be awarded, and no sparring or tournaments. Guest instructors and speakers will occasionally teach classes or share their experiences. Class sizes will be limited and students must be interviewed, in person or by phone, before they are accepted. Accepted students must sign a code-of-conduct agreement. References are available. Classes will begin promptly and no onlookers or late arrivals will be admitted.

For Questions or want to schedule an interview, please contact Tim O'Leary at

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