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Advanced Preparedness for Emergencies and Disasters

March 21st, 2023


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Participants manuals will be available at class. Quizzes are open book. An emergency backpack helmet and vest is provided to those who complete the course. 


This is where training becomes "reality" in a "hands-on" disaster simulation drill. Student will need to bring leather and nitrile or vinyl goves, mask, goggles and flashlight. Clothing for the drill includes: long sleeve shirt, long pants and boots. 


Young adults age 16 and over are welome to participate in CERT training as a pat of the Junior CERT Training Program. To do so, at least one parent MUST be in training at the same time in the training classes. 


FEMA regulations require attendance at all calsses (or make-up classes) for certification as a Volunteer Disaster Service Worker. Participants may choose to defer or decline such certification. Additional calss work may be required. 


Due to condensed instruction time, brown bag lunches are encouraged. Coffee and water are provided 

CERTIFIED INSTRUCTORS: Mike Crain, Pam Frisbie, Arlynn Knox, Dewey Knox, Carl Sencenich

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