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Healthy for the Holidays Workshop

December 13

6 pm

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Flyer Healthy for the Holidays workshop Dec 8 & Dec 13

Join Shannon Moss, CHC for a
FREE wellness class.

Holidays are notoriously busy for all. Daily life challenges become magnified during the holidays when stress levels reach an all-time high due to visits with family, increased expenses, changing of seasons AND the quantity of high-caloric and sugary foods is unfortunately too abundant.

I do believe it is possible to maintain our health and remain stress-free during this time of year. I want to empower you to take action this year because you deserve to THRIVE. Taking control of your food, movement, and stress is within reach!

This is why I’m hosting an event that will benefit you and your family, and I truly hope you can join! Plus, learn how to make elderberry syrup and boost your immune system!

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