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FRHD Approves Zone-Based Election Map on June 19, 2019

Zone-based map


From:         Fallbrook Regional Health District

                   138 S. Brandon Road, Fallbrook, CA 92028

                   P.O. Box 2587, Fallbrook, CA  92088

Contact:    Rachel Mason, Executive Director

                   Office: (760) 731-9187         Fax: (760) 731-9131           

Date:          June 25, 2019

                   Subject:     FRHD Votes to Approve Redistricting Map


Fallbrook Regional Health District (FRHD) is pleased to announce approval of their zone-based election map. The California Voting Rights Act passed in 2001, had been suspended and was reinstated in 2012.  The goal of this Act is to provide protected class groups with equal opportunity for representation in the election process.  Latinos are the most common protected class group in our area.  In 2016, cities and special districts began to be challenged to make the transition from at-large to zone-based elections.  FRHD made the decision to be proactive and save money by moving forward with this prior to being notified by a private law firm which would force the action.

A total of seven open forums took place from January through June at special meetings of the Board of Directors and the public was invited to ask questions and provide input.  National Demographics Corporation helped to facilitate the process, discussing the rules at each meeting and eventually provided four maps for consideration.  North County Fire Protection District also assisted FRHD in the mapping process and provided three maps for consideration.  Eventually three of the maps were presented for final consideration.

At the special meeting on June 19, 2019 the three final maps were considered.  They had been made available to the public on the District website and posted for the public.  Following discussion among the community members present and the District Board members, the Board voted to approve the “Yellow” map and approved Resolution No. 428 establishing and implementing zone-based elections.  Moving forward, the election of 2020 will include candidates from zones 2 and 4 on the approved map, and every four years thereafter.  The election of 2022 will include candidates from zones 1,3 and 5, and every four years thereafter.  The District thanks those members of the public participating in this process.


News Release.6.19.2019 Redistricting Map Approved.pdfRESOLUTION 428.pdf
Proposed Zone-Based Election Map