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2021 Board Committees

Finance - Standing Committee
Chair Jennifer Jeffries, Co-chair Barbara Mroz

This committee shall be responsible for review of budgetary and financial matters related to the District including the annual audit and community health contracts program. This committee shall also be responsible for review of the District investments and appraisal of market conditions relating to prudent investment of District funds. This Committee meets monthly in 2021.

Facilities - Standing Committee
Chair Barbara Mroz and Co-chair Howard Salmon

This committee shall be responsible for periodic inspection of buildings owned by the District and for review and consideration of real estate matters. This committee meets monthly in 2021.

Strategic Planning - Standing Committee
Chair Jennifer Jeffries and Co-chair Howard Salmon

This committee shall determine health needs of the District residents and prioritize those needs, recommend long-term services and programs to address those needs. This committee meets monthly in 2021.

Governmental & Public Engagement - Standing Committee
Chair Kate Schwartz-Frates and Co-chair Stephanie Ortiz

This committee shall be responsible for monitoring of healthcare legislation and public policy and for advisement of the District Board of possible/probable impact on matters of the District as/when indicated and for the initiation of appropriate action as/when indicated.   This committee shall be responsible for interface with other agencies, including other government levels, as well as the public; inclusive of speeches or public appearances, press releases, etc. for the purpose of edification of the District’s position/action on matters within the jurisdiction of the District. This committee meets monthly in 2021.